Come up with an idea for a bachelorette party entertainment? Easy with Burddy!

Looking for ideas or activities for a bachelorette party that are sure to please the bride-to-be? Whether you’re the bridesmaid, best friend or sister of the bride-to-be, finding original, inexpensive and fun ideas and planning for this special day is no easy task. The responsibility is great and you will be responsible for the unforgettable (or to be forgotten) memories of this girls’ day. Crazy activities or quieter activities, we’ll take you on a tour together and help you see things more clearly. Let’s go for the special bachelorette party top and flops!

1. Disguising and pledging the bride

When we think of bachelorette parties, we inevitably have in mind the image of young ladies in completely offbeat disguises, pacing the streets, hounding passers-by for a photo or a token. It’s an easy activity to organize since you’ll only need 3 ingredients: an original (and preferably embarrassing 😊) disguise idea for the bride-to-be, a lot of unlikely pledges and some crazy girlfriends.

The pros:A timeless bachelorette party outfit, adapted to small budgets and that will surely mark the queen of the day! It’s also a chance to take a whole bunch of laughable photos and videos!
The cons:TOO CLASSICAL ladies! Your friend is still worth digging into your brain! Remember, it’s HER day, and she may not want to walk around wearing a giant penis outfit, rabbit ears or a dodgy humorous t-shirt in front of everyone!

2. Organizing an escape game with friends

Your friend has Sherlock Holmes’ soul? A true expert in analyzing clues on Facebook, adept at doing in-depth research after a certain “Mary” comments on her sweetheart’s profile picture? Able to make a grave talk or detect an unknown hair on a t-shirt? The escape game activity is for her! Depending on the number of participants, you can set up one or more groups of girls, each with a puzzle to solve. Remember to book in advance and plan an escape game with several rooms! We like it:Your detective girlfriend (and a bit paranoid on the edges) will have plenty of time to let her insightful side express itself, while sharing a totally absorbing moment of intrigue with you. We don’t recommend:What if your friend gets too caught up in the game of apprentice detective and ends up getting into trouble with her team when the investigation stalls? Have you thought about that? Nice the rest of the day! Let’s find something else less stressful if you want.

3. Planning a paintball activity (the perfect bachelorette party animation to awaken your badass side)

A paintball activity for your bachelorette party? The opportunity to bring out your badass side!
Ladies, we’re forgetting about all the unnecessary coquetry, makeup and accessories here. Let’s have a fight! Make sure your clothes are thick enough but still allow you to move around easily. Yes, paintball is physical and you’ll have to run a bit to save your skin. Compose 2 teams, cover your face with war paint and let’s go for a good dose of laughter and good humour. Don’t forget the “bride-to-be” scarf! The advantages:Ideal for stretching your legs and discovering a Rambo soul. Team cooperation will be essential for the success of your mission. The perfect opportunity to strengthen ties or to take revenge on the bridesmaid you like less. Make an effort anyway, it’s for the bride! The drawbacks:Perhaps there are gentler, more peaceful activities for a bachelor party, don’t you think? Then yes, we admit it, shooting paintballs at each other is a good way to let off steam before the D-day ceremony. But a dented bride full of little bruises (paintball hurts a bit), it’s not very glamorous. Next!

4. Going on a shopping spree

How about a little shopping trip before the wedding? Life as a bachelor offers a lot of little pleasures, including being able to spend your money freely on (absolutely) unnecessary but (so) nice purchases! Shopping is a passion like any other, and the bride-to-be will enjoy coming to rob her favourite shops, accompanied by her best friends. Shoes, tops, costume jewellery… nothing is too expensive to please her. This activity will allow you to have a good time, while telling you the latest crunchy gossip. You’re the queens of shopping! We love it:Do you know a better activity than going out as a girl to go shopping? Time seems to stand still, passing worries fly away and the mood is fun. Shopping is a real therapy, and the opportunity for the bride-to-be to indulge herself by spending without feeling guilty! We like less:We wouldn’t want to spoil all that excitement, but still remember that your friend is getting married! Who says marriage necessarily means (big) expenses, and therefore banker not very happy. So be nice, save the bride-to-be from being banned from banking and save the shopping trip for later. Her credit card will be grateful to you.

5. Taking a cooking class

Why don’t you plan a little cooking workshop for this bachelorette party? Surprise your friend and take her to a workshop for a gourmet and original activity. On the program: baking, making a cocktail reception, sushi, revisited burgers, vegan meals… there’s something for everyone! Cooking all together will be an opportunity to share your anecdotes, your chef’s tips and of course the best gossip. A treat for the taste buds, but not only!

We recommend:The cooking class is an original and fun activity, which will allow you to get together around good little dishes concocted by you. And as the saying goes, “Cooking softens morals”.

Avoid this:If your friend is sensitive, she might think it’s a hidden message. “So my gratin dauphinois is disgusting? You’re taking me to a cooking class? “Don’t come crying to me if you’re not invited to the next party! Cooking is so much more fun when other people do it, isn’t it? A good restaurant will do the job much better!

6. Having a girls' night out with a pub crawl

The pub crawl, a classic activity for a bachelorette party!
Just imagine: the bride-to-be and her girlfriends arriving in a limousine at a trendy bar to celebrate the end of their bachelor life until the end of the night. Isn’t that classy? For this activity that could be renamed “The road of thirst”, it is obviously essential to have a means of transport to get around and return home safely. On the menu: shooters, pints of beer, cocktails with or without alcohol… the evening promises to be magical! Bars can be used as a warm-up before a late night party in a nightclub for example. The main thing is to have a good time with friends for better or worse! We say yes:How can you imagine honouring your girlfriend’s bachelorette party for just one second without going out and partying? You don’t have to turn your head upside down, it’s all about moderation! The goal for your bride-to-be is to feel the sexiest of the evening and have the most fun! But…: After a few drinks, the queen of the night could quickly get out of control and shout “Marry me! “to the first person that comes along. So we advise against stripping at the table or dancing a little too sexy and we stay nice and girly.

7. Fearing the bride-to-be with a bungee jump

In the same style, you could have been offered a paragliding, skydiving or parachute jump. In short a 100% outdoor and adrenaline activity for the real daredevils with a strong stomach. But as we think about your budget, we stayed softer and more accessible. Life as a couple is made up of ups and downs, and what could be better than this image of your friend swinging at the end of her elastic band to represent it? Don’t forget to take pictures and a video of the big jump! Laughter and records guaranteed! 😊 We recommend:Taking the plunge to celebrate the end of your bachelorhood? It is also the perfect occasion for the bride-to-be to say all the good she thinks of her friends present and to shout loud and clear to the chosen one of her heart how much she loves him or her. We warn you:Forget this activity IMMEDIATELY if your girlfriend doesn’t like the thrill. We wouldn’t go so far as to say that the wedding could be cancelled (well, it all depends on how well the rubber band is attached), just that the presence of the bachelorette party organizer at the wedding ceremony might be compromised. So be careful!

8. Relaxing with a massage

Finally! After the thrills and spills, it’s time for an activity for girls who enjoy relaxation: a good massage. This quiet interlude is a good idea for a bachelorette party. You will have several options: either reserve the massage for the bride-to-be to allow her to decompress and relax, or plan a massage for several people. The advantage of being among friends is of course to be able to indulge in chatting, while enjoying a bubble of well-being together. The best thing:Anyone who has never dreamed of a good massage can throw the first (hot) stone at me! Organising a wedding is stressful for several months, searching for the perfect providers and planning all the preparations. So once you’ve managed to organise everything, a little massage activity can only do you good! The very least:Relaxing and unwinding is good! But what are you going to do once you and the bride get completely stoned from that massage session? It’s a shot to go to bed at 8pm and then there goes the evening! Let’s get moving and get moving!

9. Getting together around a cocooning sleepover (the simple but effective bachelorette party animation)

A bachelorette party at home, an opportunity to organize a whole bunch of activities and entertainment!
At first glance, nothing unusual with this cocooning house activity. But what if the originality of a bachelor party lay in its simplicity? The idea is to plan a girls’ weekend in a house rented for the occasion, for example. Of course, you can organise this bachelorette party activity in your own home or that of one of the guests, as long as you have a minimum of space. Small movie session with popcorn, make-up workshop, brunch, improvised boom and a delicious aperitif with friends… the programme is promising and the possibilities are endless! And to keep unforgettable and magical memories of this moment, why not rent a photobooth for a 100% girls’ photo shoot. You will then be able to print your photos and make a nice guest book for the bride and groom filled with love and smiles. Don’t hesitate to plan a decor and many accessories and settings. The result will be even better! A big yes:Happiness is in the simple things. This activity will allow you to stay between girls without having to move around, while having a lot of possibilities of animations and activities. Moreover, a photo session with a photobooth will allow you to engrave these moments forever and leave each one with an unforgettable memory. A small no? :Strangely at Burddy’s, we search and dig… we find it difficult to find negative arguments… in all objectivity of course 😀 We leave our place for the shopping trip but for an original and surprising animation, do not hesitate to ask us for advice!

After having gone through all these ideas of activities for a successful and magical bachelorette party, it remains for us to remind you the essential. Keep in mind that this is not your wedding and that you must therefore adapt the activities and entertainment to the bride, respecting her choices, her tastes and her personality. The important thing is to spend the best possible day with your girlfriends, and to honour the bride-to-be properly!