A photobooth for your bachelorette party with Burddy from 99€

A photobooth animation for your bachelorette party, would you like that? If you’re a fan of selfies, the photo booth is definitely the original and fun animation you need to celebrate those last moments of bachelor life. We’ll give you our best advice right away for a memorable bachelorette party that’s sure to make your bachelorette’s day! Laughter and a lot of fun guaranteed!

The photo booth, an animation for weddings and birthdays, but not only that!

Also known as the photo booth, selfie box or photo kiosk, the photobooth is sometimes wrongly called Photomaton© (this is the photo booth we know for taking passport photos for example). You may have already had fun and discovered its many possibilities during a wedding or birthday party. The wedding photobooth is indeed an event animation that has become more and more successful in recent years, and many service providers and photographers offer this service to their customers.

The photobooth for a bachelorette party, the original animation for trendy photos!

Organizing a photobooth animation for a bachelorette party is the assurance of spending a festive moment in a good mood surrounded by the people who matter most to the bride-to-be. The principle is simple: play the stars in front of the lens and take pictures of each other for some crazy shots and an avalanche of smiles. In the same style as a polaroid camera, you will be able to leave with unforgettable memories of this bachelorette party thanks to the instant prints, and fill a pretty guest book that will retrace this girl time.

How to organize your bachelorette party photo shoot?

Organizing a photobooth for a bachelorette party requires a bit of imagination but is within everyone’s reach. Here are the different steps to follow:

1) Plan the location of the photobooth

If you’re organizing your photobooth animation at home, you may need to move some furniture around so that you have enough room to move around and set up the photo booth. To make better quality photos, count about 1m50 between the camera and the people photographed. 

You will then only need an electrical outlet to plug the machine in. If you have a garden and the weather is nice, you can also enjoy the photo booth outside and celebrate this bachelorette party in the open air, provided that the box is not exposed to direct sunlight (in this case provide a small corner of pleasant shade). 

If you plan to go out during the day and you book the photo booth animation for the evening, keep the total surprise and blindfold your queen of the day. She will then discover with amazement the little workshop you have prepared for her and her joy will be all the greater!

2) Put on an original and fun decoration

An outdoors bachelorette party

It is with the accessories one of the key points of a successful photobooth animation! The bachelor party is the place for all sorts of extravagances and this photo shoot should be no exception.

You can choose a theme that the bride likes, or set off on extravagant and unusual decorations: colourful balloons, inflatable buoys, garlands… there are no limits! But keep in mind that the bride-to-be will appreciate this animation more with a theme that suits her (a superhero theme will not necessarily suit her if she prefers princesses and fairy tales :p)

You’ll find many background and photocall ideas by snooping on the web, and it’s possible to make your own with a bit of imagination and some DIY knowledge. In any case, at the very least, plan for a plain wall to act as a background or a stretched sheet, otherwise the background may be a bit dark.

3) Propose funny and unlikely accessories

Posing and playing the models in front of the lens, that’s good. But with a whole bunch of crazy accessories, it’s even better! You can also provide disguises for your guests, with a special focus on the bride who will of course inherit the most original and flashy outfit for this photo animation.

Among these indispensable accessories are masks, ribbons, boas, hats and top hats, moustaches, but also all sorts of signs with a humorous message, inflatable accessories (who said anything about inflatable dolls?). As you can see, the aim is to have a party and even the shyest ones will easily get caught up in the game.

What budget should you plan for your bachelorette party photobooth animation?

With BURDDY, you will enjoy the rental of your photobooth from 99€ for the duration of your event, unlimited digital photos. Different packages with instant prints are offered, from 100 to 400 prints, if you want (it’s always funnier) to print your creations.

Note that it is possible to print several copies per photo, for a guestbook or to share between participants. In that case, plan a larger package so that each guest can leave with a souvenir photo. For example, a package with 200 prints will cost you 189€ all inclusive (rental included, delivery and return of the photo box by us).

In addition to the rental of the photobooth, you will also buy the accessory kits and any disguises, as well as the background and decorations. Don’t hesitate to have a look at Instagram or Pinterest, you will find a whole lot of inspiration for DIY creations that are easy to make and at low cost!

The BURDDY photo box, the cheap photobooth animation for a completely crazy bachelorette party!

Here is Pablo from Burddy who presents you our photo booth

The BURDDY photobooth is above all very simple to set up and use. Once installed (count 10 minutes by following the assembly instructions, 12 minutes without 😊), you just have to plug it in and turn it on… and let’s go for the shooting! 

Choose on its large touch screen a photo frame among those you have previously created (up to 16 different frames), pose in front of the lens and smile! Photography has never been so easy! Once you’ve taken the photo, you can add a filter and fun virtual accessories (pretty mouths, hats of all kinds…), and then start instant printing. Your photo will come out in about ten seconds, thanks to the integrated professional photo printer. Now you can take quality photos in Hollywood model mode! 

The SLR camera adjusts automatically, and the supplied flash guarantees perfect prints in all circumstances. Personalisation of photo frames is included in all our offers. You’ll enjoy 100% customizable photos that are 100% your own image. As each photo terminal is configured before the event, you won’t have to reload the photo paper either. Oh yes, we almost forgot! Delivery and return of the terminal are included, and you will get all the photos taken in your online gallery at the end of your bachelorette party! 

You’ve understood it, planning a photobooth for an bachelorette party is the insurance to spend an excellent girl time for a crazy selfies game! For the future bride and groom who will have chosen to rent a wedding photobooth, it’s also the ideal opportunity to test the box before the D-day as well as the photo printing! You’ll be able to plan outdoor activities for the day (dressing up, going shopping, getting a good dose of adrenaline with a sensational activity…) and save the photobooth animation for the evening to fill up on quirky memories!