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For most people, the celebration of baptism is a sacred family event that gathers many generations of people together. What makes the gathering extraordinary is the ability to have a family reunion blended with the celebration of a new life being dedicated within the family.

The two separate components of religion and post ceremonial celebration of baptismal sacraments make it similar to that of other special religious ceremonial celebrations like weddings, confirmations, bar mitzvahs, and ordination celebrations. These are often iconic memory building moments when family and friends gather to celebrate a milestone in the lives of loved ones.

The Ceremony and Celebration

Because of their personal, religious, and family significance, baptisms tend to be a gathering that rivals larger family reunions. Often extended family members gather together from near and far. Because of this, most people want to memorialize the day with family and friends. This is usually done through a combination of photos, guest books, and videos of the ceremony and celebration.

When looking to plan the event, it can be essential to look at all the ways you can best accommodate your need for photographs of the special day. Sometimes people choose to hire a professional photographer for the ceremony. This allows for some fantastic close-ups of the baptismal ceremony, which can be a keepsake for generations. It is important to speak with the photographer about prioritizing the photos taken, so they don’t just take generalized photos. When a professional photographer is not hired, families will usually have a designated amateur photographer.

Often parents look to have close up pictures of the baptismal sacrament, and this should be discussed with whoever the photographer is before the ceremony date to ensure the best photo opportunities are taken. It is important to remember that many people that are gathering for the baptism will also want to have unique individual photos with family and friends. One of the best ways to do this is by creating “keepsake photos.”

Creating Keepsakes of The Day

When it comes to adding to the fun of creating photo keepsakes, there are a host of different ways to accomplish this. Often multiple family and friends will record the moments through photos they take with their camera or smartphone.

However, creating still shots as keepsakes can be a bit more complicated when you just want to record the moment of shared time without the backdrop of the event location. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by setting up a rented photo booth for the celebration portion of the day after the ceremony. This offers people the opportunity to walk in and get great shots of family and friends in groups. Photo booths can be the perfect way to get people actively involved in celebrating their togetherness.

Getting Props for the Photo Booth

One of the best ways to ensure the photo booth is a smash hit for guests is by creating a table of props for the photo booth users. Funny hats, goofy ears, fun clothing, face painting, costume pieces, and small signs can help make for a series of wonderful photo booth shots.

Props used in some photos can be part of the rental agreement. However, to get a great variety or more personalized props for the occasion, buying your own accessories is often recommended. It can be great fun for organizers of a baptismal celebration to create, buy, and find unique props that are geared towards their family’s celebration and the guests that are expected to attend.

Great Places to Get Photobooth Props

There are a wide variety of places to get props for this type of special celebration. Party stores and dollar stores are great places to get party and baby-themed items. These types of stores often have beautiful items for baptismal celebrations of infants. For people who are looking for costume wear, retail costume shops, as well as online sellers, are great places to find all kinds of different costume clothing and accessories.

Another excellent spot for clothing can be consignment shops, second-hand shops, or thrift shops. These types of shops often carry everything from costume clothing to costume jewelry, hats, shoes, and more. Because of their diversity of inventory, they can be an excellent source for a wide selection of other props. In addition to the variety of items that can be found at these shops, they offer the benefit of selling at low prices. Shopping at these retail establishments can also be the perfect way to give back to those in need since many of these stores help fund great Christian and secular non-profit organizations.

No matter where you end up buying your props for your photo booth shoot, the time spent shopping around for the special day can be great fun and allow for terrific theme-based buying.

Different Types of Photobooth Set-Ups and Sharing

With a rented photo booth, guests at the baptism will have the opportunity to either print their photos or email them for immediate sharing or both. This allows people to instantly put them up on social media to share with other family and friends. This makes the process great fun for everyone involved. Immediate media sharing can be especially helpful for people who are not able to attend by helping them feel they are a part of all the festivities.

When renting a photobooth, visitors to the booth will have the ability to change the background and custom frame for each photo being taken. With over a dozen great background frames and multiple photo styles, guests can enjoy a great deal of creativity while they’re having fun. For the live printing of photos, numerous copies of the same picture can be printed. Photos will print in under 30 seconds from the time of the photo being taken.

If you are looking for the best way to enhance the enjoyment and sharing of your family’s special baptismal day celebration through photo memorabilia, having an on-site photo booth can be the perfect addition. Portable photo booths are easy to set up by following some basic easy instructions. They do not require a truck for transport, and there are a wide variety of options for rental time allotments for depending on need and budget concerns.

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