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Did you know that the period from April to September is the time of year when we have the most birthdays in the world! This means that you or many of your loved ones are about to take another year off. That’s why today, we’re offering you a post that will surely give you the inspiration to organize a successful birthday party by proposing 5 animation ideas to put in place! The proposed games and animations will appeal to young adults as well as to 30, 40, 50 year olds. You are therefore sure to captivate the largest possible audience because we know that the tastes of some are not necessarily those of others. Of course, we have thought of our dear children with a brand new birthday animation that will appeal to adults and children alike. Discover without further delay our top 5 original animations to do in the evening !

1. The Killer game

You may already be familiar with the rules of this challenging game that is often played at birthday parties. It’s the perfect entertainment to allow guests to subtly get to know each other if they don’t already know each other. The goal of the killer game is to give the guests a secret mission at the beginning of the party, so everyone participates and the game is played gradually. To do so, you have to make the guests pick up a little note (or send an individual SMS) explaining their challenge, for example: “Get Fabien’s phone number” or “Make Elisa believe that you suffer from tics”. To spice up the game, you can give a pledge to players who don’t pass their challenges.


It’s a must for evenings with friends, beer pong is a game that aims to make the opposing team drink. You will have understood it, moderation is not a word known by the inventors of this game. Prepare on each side of a table a triangle of cups that you will have filled with beer beforehand. The goal? Aim for as many cups as possible in the opposing triangle using a ping pong ball. When you get the ball in the bull’s eye, the opponent in front of you will have to drink the cup and remove it from the table. Drinking all of the opposing team’s drinks will make your team win the game! Try not to exceed the number of 5 players per team otherwise the game may drag on for the guests. Also, remember to add a glass of water near the table to clean the ball when it falls on the floor.

Tip: Try to play this game early in the evening. Strangely enough, it gets harder and harder if you’re already quite drunk…

* Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Drink with moderation

3. The photobooth

More than a simple animation, the photobooth has become the flagship accessory for birthday parties, weddings, baptisms and much more. This photobooth allows you and your guests to take high quality photos and find them directly via an online gallery that is free of charge for everyone at the party! You can of course give access to the gallery to people who could not make it to the party, this feature will make people happy, rest assured. The photobooth also allows you to share as many memories as possible by offering instant photo prints.

Renting a photobooth for a birthday party is an opportunity to bring everyone together in front of a single lens to keep a physical AND digital record of your birthday party. They are now available at very affordable prices and can even be a great gift idea if you don’t have one yet. They usually come with some accessories to stylize your photos (glasses, hats, fake moustaches…). The instructions are very simple, order, receive and mount the terminal. Once that’s done, all you have to do is adjust the background decor, stand in front of the lens and make your most beautiful smile!

4. Heads up !

With now more than 200,000 downloads in just one year, this application has caught our attention and you will understand why… Heads Up is a game available on the Play or Apple store and is suitable for both children and adults. The game is very simple to play: select the desired game mode (mime, food, brands, celebrities…) then hold the phone on your forehead. Words will appear on the screen and your friends will have to make you guess as many words as possible in 1 minute! 

When you find the word, you must tilt the phone down to validate your answer. Otherwise, if you want to move on to the next word, tilt the phone up. This application is free and makes everyone participate! You can play as a team or individually. The little extra of this application? Your friends will be discreetly filmed during the game, you can record the video or share it on the networks. If you’re still not convinced, we’ll let you test it for yourself. Laughter guaranteed!

5. The quizzes

The traditional birthday quiz is one of the most popular games to set the mood for your birthday! There are all sorts of them (blind test, who am I…). But our favourite is undoubtedly the guest of honour quiz. What could be better than testing the guests to see if they know a little bit about your secret garden. To avoid looking too narcissistic, the game must be hosted by someone else. 

You can prepare questions on paper or make a beautiful PowerPoint for the occasion. Everyone can take part in the game and show that they know you better than anyone else. To try to balance the game a little bit, you can make teams and mix the people who are supposed to know you best with people who are a little bit more outsiders. You’ll see, the people who know you best aren’t always the ones you think about!

Party planning is a profession in its own right, so we recommend that you hire a party host to make sure you captivate the largest possible audience at the event. Some DJs take on this mission to allow the organizers to enjoy the evening. They usually have the right equipment to keep the party in full swing (microphone, speakers, video projector…). Otherwise, a very charismatic friend will also do the trick !

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