Important information: Unfortunately, we no longer deliver in the Netherlands and new rentals are no longer possible. 
However, ongoing bookings will be fulfilled.

The BURDDY photo booth, the must-have animationfor all of your events!

Usually, the photo booth is reserved for large events, such as a wedding or an anniversary. At Burddy’s, we consider that every important event in your life deserves unforgettable memories. Whether it’s a baptism, a housewarming party or a fancy dress party with your friends, our photobooth will delight all your guests and ensure an original animation and completely offbeat!

A photo booth for unforgettable memories

Who wants a selfie around here? You may have already had the opportunity to test a wedding photobooth or a photo booth animation at a birthday party, and chances are you had a great time! The photo box is indeed the fashionable animation for this type of event and can be found in all sizes and at all prices. However, it is much less common to think of a photobooth animation for a Halloween party for example, or a wedding anniversary or a baby shower. With Burddy, keep in mind all those happy moments and thousands of smiles and take advantage of our photobooth rental packages at very low prices starting from 128€! Your friends will love it!

Live printing of your photos in 10 seconds

Thanks to the photo printer integrated in the terminal, print your prints live and in 10 seconds, with a quality worthy of a professional photo studio. Once your photo has been taken and depending on the package you have chosen, you will be able to print one or more copies (to be chosen when booking the photobooth), ideal for leaving with an original souvenir while leaving a copy for your guests, in a pretty guest book for example. The printer is loaded with the necessary amount of paper for your event, so you won’t have to reload during the evening. As soon as your instant prints are done, you can continue to use your photo terminal for an unlimited number of digital photos for the duration of your rental.

An ultra-simple photobooth set-up in 5 steps

Our Burddy photo booth has been designed for quick and easy assembly in just 5 steps. The box is delivered in a cover that can be easily transported in the trunk of your car. You will therefore have no difficulty moving it to your event venue. Once on site, start your stopwatch and off you go:

1) Clip the 4 legs on the support base

2) Lift at 2 and put the terminal on the support (no need to screw)

3) Place the flash on its support, then place it on the terminal.

4) Connect the flash to the terminal (1 small and 1 larger cable).

5) Connect your photo terminal to a power outlet and turn on.

That’s it! You are now ready to take the pose in front of the lens.

A touch interface that is very quick to use

With Burddy, enjoy a fun and user-friendly interface that is easy to use. The large touch screen will allow you to select your photo frame from all the custom frames you’ve created (up to 24), then launch the shot. You’ll then be able to start printing (if your package includes instant prints) and send your photo by email. Sending is instantaneous if the photo terminal is connected to wifi, and delayed if not (all emails will leave when your photobox is returned to our warehouse). Your guests will be able to switch from one photobooth frame to another and try out the different variations you’ve created: portrait, landscape, strip… there’s something for everyone!


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