Pablo from Burddy and his friend the dinosaur enjoy an original carnival animation with the photobooth

When’s Carnival? You certainly ask yourself this question every year and yet the answer is never the same. Indeed, the date of the carnival is based on the date of Easter and therefore varies from one year to another. The carnival is of course an opportunity to dress up in whatever you want, but the beauty of the event comes above all from the abundance of bright colours that emanate from the costumes of the carnival-goers. Carnival is a symbol of excess and rebirth, so you must see things in a big way and not do things in half measures to make your spectators’ eyes glaze over. Let’s take a look at the fundamentals for a memorable carnival animation. Rio, Venice, Lampegat or Dunkirk just have to behave themselves!

The basics of carnival: how can we not make a mistake?

Masks, make-up, streamers and confetti are obviously the main accessories of the carnival party. However, these indispensable elements are not enough to make your event a success. Don’t forget, the strength of a good carnival is above all the animation because this party is in perpetual motion! Dance and parade are therefore expected on the program. Remember this, the appearance of the carnival is not enough if the animation is not there. You need to structure this event by scheduling up to the minute animations that will make your carnival a reference in the world of festivities. If you are organising a carnival on a local scale, find partners who will help you with the organisation. Of course the ideas can come from one and the same person, but logistics is a profession in its own right. And don’t forget that this party is all about exchange and camaraderie, so you have to play the game from start to finish!

We advise you to divide up the tasks while following the same artistic direction: one person will have to take care of the music, another (or several) of the layout of the parade street and finally, also plan to set up a refreshment bar / snack bar, because walking around in disguise for hours on end makes you thirsty!

What carnival costume?

Pretty Venetian masks for an original carnival animation

As you may have noticed, the various famous carnivals such as the one in Venice or Rio are composed of very distinct costumes and decorations. The Venice Carnival, for example, has a theatrical style with refined costumes accompanied by a Harlequin mask to respect anonymity, while the Rio Carnival is uninhibited and wild as the old African traditions want it to be.

Choosing your costume for the carnival is of course the opportunity to make an original outfit, but it is above all the moment to convey a message that is close to your heart. Your costume must reflect what you want to develop personally during this new year (your professional life, your relationship with nature, your rebirth…). The field of possibilities is open to you. Here is a link that will certainly help you find inspiration for your costumes.

Which animation for carnival?

Even if it is the pride of the older children, the carnival is very popular with the younger ones. It has become a much-awaited celebration among the little ones and is frequently celebrated in schools. So if you want to make everyone happy, you will have to find activities that appeal to young and old alike. Luckily for you, we have explored the possibilities and have come up with some ideas for carnival activities that you might like:

1) The make-up stand

This is without a doubt the element not to be forgotten during the carnival! Thanks to the make-up stand, people who didn’t necessarily plan to dress up for the event will be able to play the game. Easy to set up, it will allow you to seduce young and old alike. In addition, makeup has become an art in its own right in recent years and many tutorials are shared on social networks. It is a must for celebrating carnival at school.

2) My personalized mask

You will have understood it, at the carnival either you wear make-up or a mask. It is therefore essential to take care of appearances with a mask in your colors and your desires. To this end, you can set up a mask customization stand so that participants can express their creativity and convey the message they want to get across. Beads, feathers, sequins or flowers… it’s up to you to add what you want to your mask. There are two possibilities: you can buy simple masks or you can create them yourself from cardboard for smaller budgets.

3) The carnival photobooth

The photobooth, the ideal carnival animation to keep memories alive

The photobooth is the perfect animation to highlight your outfits during this unique day. This photo kiosk, which is all the rage in the world of events, appreciated by companies and individuals alike, offers you the possibility to take professional quality photos printed live. It also allows you to find all the photos taken during the event in an online gallery! The strength of this camera?  Everybody leaves the event with memories in their pockets, but above all the participants get together in a good mood around the lens! The use is very simple and everyone can take pictures independently, choose among several personalized frames via the touch interface and print the pictures in less than 10 seconds. No technical knowledge or photographic talent is required, just stand in front of the lens dressed in your best disguise, display your best smile and watch the result on the screen. Filters can enhance the photos, and funny virtual accessories (hats, moustaches…) will add a big dose of fun to the whole. An essential accessory to keep in mind this day full of colors and good mood.

You now have all the cards in hand to shine during the fashion show. Plan several months of preparation if it is a big carnival event, the time to organize everything and put everything in place. Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get ready!