Important information: Unfortunately, we no longer deliver in the Netherlands and new rentals are no longer possible. 
However, ongoing bookings will be fulfilled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rental and booking of your photobooth

Reservations are closed on D-8. However, depending on the desired delivery address, we can still look into the possibility of integrating an additional machine into one of our tours.

Please contact us and let us know your request. We will answer you as soon as possible.

We offer photobooth rental for individuals only for the weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). However, as deliveries take place on Thursdays and Fridays, it is possible to have your photobooth as early as Thursday depending on the tour planned that day. Contact us for more information.

We have set up a mandatory insurance at € 29 against breakage when renting a Burddy photo terminal.

We have chosen this formula in order to avoid you all the inconvenience related to the cost of a deposit or damage that could occur despite reasonable use.

This insurance does not cover vandalism, theft and negligence.

You can pay immediately when you book your photo booth, or choose to pay later.

You have up to 90 days before your event to make the payment.

Packages and rates

Yes, the prices shown include the rental of your photobooth as well as the various options offered (unlimited digital photos, customizable frames, sending by e-mail, photo gallery…).

To these options included in the packages, you can add other elements not included such as the guestbook, photobooth accessories or the dismantling of the photo booth for example.

Our offers do not include the set-up of the photo terminal. This one has been designed to be installed very easily in 5 steps in about 10 minutes. However, you will still need 2 people to install the terminal on its base because of its weight (30kg).

Absolutely! The rate is valid for the entire rental period, whether your event lasts a day or a full weekend. Your photobooth can be used as soon as it has been delivered to you, and until the date of return. No blocking after 24 hours, everything remains accessible.
No worries! The 100% digital package from128€ will perfectly suit your expectations. You will be able to take as many digital photos as you want, and you will get all the pictures back in your online gallery at the end of the event.
We offer packages of up to 400 prints in standard format (15×10) and up to 800 prints in strip format (5×15 or 15×5). This represents 6 hours of non-stop use of the photobooth. Be careful, if you choose multiple prints when you make your reservation (allowing several prints per photo), your package will decrease faster.
Contact us, we will see if it is possible to integrate your delivery into one of the already established tours.
The packages offered indicate the maximum number of photos in classic format (15 x 10 or 10 x 15 depending on the orientation) that you can print. When creating your personalized frames, if you choose a strip format (5 x 15 or 15 x 5), you will then be able to print twice as many prints (a strip is a classic photo cut in 2). A 200 prints package will allow you to print up to 400 strips. Please note that the strips always come out in pairs. Ideal if you want to stick one in a guestbook and keep the second one! Mixing these formats by creating different frames is of course possible!

It’s even highly recommended for even more fun! All you have to do is create different frames by varying the formats (portrait, landscape, vertical strip, horizontal…). You will be able to create up to 24 different ones and they will all be available on your photobooth! You might as well say that your guests won’t have time to get bored.

Delivery and return

The delivery dates are proposed according to the encoded address.

On the Monday before the event, we calculate the most efficient and ecological delivery routes in order to deliver all our customers.

You will then receive an email with the approximate transit times of our deliveryman.

Delivery routes are calculated to be the most efficient and environmentally friendly. For this reason it is unfortunately not possible to change the dates and times of the routes.

It is however possible to change the address (within a radius of 20km) and/or the person who will receive the Burddy.

It is possible to change your delivery and return address up to 24 hours before the delivery man passes by. To do this, go to your customer area, where your past and future rentals are listed. By clicking on the icon in the “Actions” column of your upcoming event, you will then be able to modify your address.

In case of last minute changes, do not hesitate to contact us. We will try as much as possible to integrate your address in one of the tours already organized.

No, these services are not included in our packages. The set-up and dismantling of the photobooth is very simple and everything is done in about ten minutes, with two people. Everything is explained and detailed in the manual, a real child’s play!

However, if you would like someone to take care of dismantling your photobooth, please select this option when making your reservation. Otherwise and if our delivery man takes care of the dismantling, we will have to charge a fee on your deposit.

If your city is not served by our delivery people, it is possible to have your order delivered to a different location within our delivery areas (workplace, event location). Also think about your friends/guests, who may pick up the terminal for you. If this is not possible, you will unfortunately have to be patient! We will certainly arrive in your city soon!

Customization options

The Burddy photo box does not offer customization options. Only photo frames can be customized.

We offer 4 types of photo format: 10×15 (portrait format), 15×10 (landscape format), 5×15 (vertical strip format) and 15×5 (horizontal strip format).

By choosing a package with instant prints, for example a 200 prints package, you will be able to make 200 10×15 or 15×10 prints (classic format), or the double in 5×15 or 15×5 strip format, i.e. 400 prints. It is quite possible to mix these formats for your event. All you have to do is create the frames with the corresponding formats when you customize them.

You will then be able to create a classic frame in portrait format, another classic frame in landscape format, and a last one in vertical strip format for example.

The personalization of photo frames is included in all our packages (100% digital and with prints). You will be able to personalize your frames thanks to our online tool accessible from your customer area. The frames created before the delivery of the photobooth are automatically loaded on your terminal. For the frames created once your photobooth has been delivered, you just have to synchronize the machine in wifi thanks to the button on the interface.

It is possible to create and select up to 24 different frames with many different layouts and formatting options (backgrounds, texts…) The proposed formats are 15×10 (landscape), 10×15 (portrait), 15×5 (horizontal strip) and 5×15 (vertical strip).

Your event

Don’t panic! We have provided an ultra simple interface, and all the features are explained! Once the photobooth is installed and plugged in, everything is ready to use. All you have to do is take a picture of yourself, choosing on the large touch screen among the frames you’ve created.

Once the photo has been taken, you will have the option of printing it (if your package includes instant prints) or sending it by e-mail (live if you have connected the terminal via wifi, delayed when you return the terminals to our warehouse otherwise). The interface is playful and user-friendly, and even children will get into the game!

It is not possible to reload the printer at your event. We charge the terminal with photo paper according to the chosen package, and once the paper runs out, you will only be able to take digital photos. The maximum package offered is 400 prints, which represents more than 6 hours of continuous use of the terminal.

We provide you with a contact number, accessible via a tab in the photobooth interface. Do not hesitate to call this number (available 7 days a week from 10am to 23PM). The most common breakdowns (flash problem, paper jam in the printer) are very easy to correct.

You can retrieve taken photos directly by inserting a USB memory stick or hard disk into the terminal.

The web gallery is then sent to you by email once we recover the box, and you will be able to recover the photos as well, or pass on the gallery to your guests.

Finally, it is possible to send the photos by live e-mail. If the kiosk is not connected to the internet, the e-mails will be sent once the kiosk is back in our warehouse.


Do you have any questions about one of our offers or any other request?
We will be happy to answer them!