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Let your imagination run wild withphoto frame customization!

The different photo formats

With Burddy, you will be able to customize your photo frames with the colors of your event, whatever the package you choose (with or without instant prints). Thanks to our online tool, you will be able to create and select up to 24 frames with different formats and layouts on your photobooth. The personalization of your frames is possible even when you have already received your photobooth. All you have to do is synchronize the photo booth (connected to wifi) thanks to the button in the touch interface. The frames created before the delivery of the photo booth will already be integrated into your terminal.

The available formats are:

Landscape 15×10
Classic landscape photo format 15x10
Portrait 10×15
Classic portrait photo format 10x15
Horizontal strips 15×5
Photo format horizontal strips 5x15

Vertical strips 5×15

Photo format vertical strips 5x15

You will obviously be able to mix these formats according to the frames you are going to create, and plan several different frames for your party. Thanks to our touchscreen terminal and its large intuitive screen, your guests will be able to switch from one frame to another during the evening. Numerous layouts are available for each format and you’ll have plenty of time to let your imagination run wild! You will find a whole host of original backgrounds in different themes, not forgetting the possibility of integrating a small customised text.

Packages including instant prints indicate the maximum number of photos you can print in classic 15×10 or 10×15 format. If you print strip prints in 15×5 or 5×15, the total number of possible prints is doubled. A strip print is actually half a photo in the classic format, and they always come out in pairs.

Example with a 400 prints package: you will be able to print 400 prints on the photobooth in 15×10 or 10×15 format, or up to 800 strips 15×5 or 5×15. Mixing the two is possible and even recommended for even more fun!

Examples of available designs


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