Photomaton, photobooth or polaroid ? What do your guests prefer?

You want to rent a photobooth, look for a good plan for photo kiosk rental, or look at the offers to find a photomaton maybe? Unless you choose a polaroid? But in fact, what is the difference between all these names, are we talking about the same thing? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each? We help you to see more clearly and make your choice.

At the origin of the photobooth, the photomaton

Photomaton is above all a French company that has given its name to the photo booths that we all know, present everywhere and especially in the shopping malls of supermarkets. I feel a little nostalgia in you when you think back to the beautiful passport photos you had to provide at the beginning of the school year each year. The photo booth as we know it has a long history behind it and was invented in the 1920s in the United States, before being exported to Europe. Today, we use the term generically to refer to photographic booths, both conventional and for official documents (identity card, passport…) and those available for hire for festive events.

There are photo booths of all kinds, sometimes customizable to suit the theme of your event, equipped with a touch screen and instant printing. However, sufficient space must be provided, taking into account the size of the latter. Photo booths are also the most expensive to rent, and usually require the intervention of a professional to set up. They offer guests an intimate setting behind a curtain, hidden from view, conducive to crazy photos for the greatest pleasure of the most shy.

The photobooth, easy to use and affordable

The photobooth is known by different names: photo booth, photobox, selfies box… Unlike the photomaton, it does not have a booth and comes in the form of a touch screen and often a printer to take instant shots. We find all the styles of photobooths: totem, on tripod, with luminous contour… for prices from around 300€ to more than 800€ depending on the options chosen. Much easier to install, photobooths are now an interesting alternative to larger photo booths.

Most photobooths companies offer rental packages from several hours to several days, sometimes with all-inclusive offers. It will all depend on the number of guests present at your event. Taking into account the time people spend on the photo, choose their accessories, take the photo and then print it, we can consider that a 200 photos package represents 4 hours of continuous use of a machine. It is up to you to place the photo kiosk wherever you want, but preferably in a sufficiently clear place, easily accessible with a pretty background decor and with fun accessories and matching the theme. You will find many ideas by browsing the net and in specialized shops, and can even create homemade accessories. Let the creative genius within you speak for itself! Your guests will love😊

The polaroid

A polaroid is commonly referred to as an instant camera, although it is a brand like Photomaton. The vintage spirit has been coming back in force for some years now, whether in fashion with the reissue of old collections whose success has not waned, or in music with turntables and vinyl records, some of which are sold at a golden price to collectors. After having disappeared in 2008 and the advent of the all-digital world, the instant camera is reborn from its ashes in 2011 and today we find mainly two brands, Polaroid and Fujifilm, which share the market. One of the biggest successes of recent years is Fujifilm’s Instax Mini, available for less than a hundred euros.

This type of equipment is available for purchase or lease. You can leave them at the disposal of your guests on a separate table accompanied by accessories, in order to constitute a pretty photo book accompanied by personalized messages from each one. One press on the shutter and the picture comes out instantly! All that remains is to wait a few seconds for the emulsion on the film to take effect and reveal the details and colours. Very playful and spontaneous, it is the guarantee to keep memories at the top. Plan enough films according to the number of guests, and don’t hesitate to propose a colour and a black and white film to vary the pleasures.

Animations that are very popular

Whether you choose a photomaton, a photo booth, a photo library or a polaroid animation for your event, you are sure to be successful and to see your guests conquered and cheerful at the idea of having their picture taken. Don’t forget to include funny accessories and in your theme to add even more fun for unique and crazy shots. The very simple operation and the quick handling do not require any particular predisposition or photographic talent. Only the imagination and madness of your guests count.

A little point to keep in mind! Even if we love our little blond heads tenderly, remember to keep an eye on your photo installation and don’t leave it unattended. Indeed, children often have a great time and take a mischievous pleasure in photographing themselves from all angles. A close-up of one hand here, a mouth full of teeth there … If you haven’t opted for an unlimited number of prints, your film will melt like snow in the sun very quickly. It would be a shame not to be able to enjoy it all evening long!

The strengths and weaknesses

As we have just seen, your choice will depend on your budget and the space you have available for your photo animation. For an outdoor animation, you can opt for a photobooth, as long as it is not exposed directly to the sun or rain, of course, because of the electronics. The budgets for this type of device are more and more accessible and you will find all kinds of models from the most classic to the most crazy, which will perfectly match your image and your theme.

For an indoor event, you have carte blanche and can choose the installation that suits you best. However, think about transportation and rental time. Some devices such as photomatons may not be able to be moved and dismantled by you. Be sure to check with the rental company about how to return the equipment so that you don’t get stuck with it in the room when you have to return the keys. Don’t forget to provide an original background and enough distance between the machine and the guests if you opt for a photo kiosk, so the prints will be of better quality!

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