Young women feell like superstars in front of Burddy photobooth

Whether we call it photobooth, photo kiosk or photobox, we’ve all heard about it before. Some even enjoyed it at an evening or a special event, a company party or a wedding. And it has enough to seduce even the most shy people, not particularly fans of selfies and classic photos. Long reserved for important events with a significant budget, the photobooth is now much more accessible with start-up prices under 100€. It would be a shame to do without it!

Usually high rates

When you think of photobooth, you necessarily think of marriage. Just like the caterer, florist or DJ, the photo kiosk has quickly become a must for this type of event in recent years. A fun activity, it allows you to let your guests’ wild imagination run wild thanks to the accessories at their disposal: XXL glasses, afro wigs, sexy mouth covered with gloss, everyone can leave with a souvenir of the evening. And a picture of Tata Chantale with a pair of moustaches hanging on your fridge, it’s definitely a collector’s item!

After a quick glance at the available offers, we realize that the rental of photobooth represents a significant expense of several hundred euros. It is impossible to imagine this type of animation for smaller events, a birthday or a party with friends!

Burddy, the easy and affordable photobooth rental

Now with Burddy, enjoy the rental of photobooth from 99€! We wanted to make the photo kiosk much more accessible in order to keep a souvenir of all your events, small or large. Are you looking for an entertainment for your birthday, a baby shower, a baptism, a communion, a housewarming party or a disguised evening with friends? With Burddy, the good atmosphere is guaranteed! Take selfies, share them on the Internet and print your photos instantly in seconds.

And to ensure that your photos stick as close as possible to your theme, we offer you the opportunity to customize your photo frames via our online tool: create up to 16 different frames and then let your guests choose freely. Several formats are available: portrait, landscape, thumbnails … bring out the artist in you, change the colors, add text and visuals… anything is possible!

A clear and unsurprising range of prices

At Burddy we like to make your life easier. Certainly, we are very bad pastry chefs and do not count on us for your birthday cake or to set the karaoke on fire. But as far as photo animation is concerned, we manage! We offer you the rental of your photobooth from 99€, as well as instant printing packages to print your creations directly. All our offers include the delivery of the photo kiosk to your home, workplace or event (festival hall, restaurant…) as well as the return of the kiosk. No sending or returning by a carrier, our Burddy delivery people take care of everything!

You then have the terminal at your disposal for the duration of your rental, and can use it as long as you wish (an evening, a weekend, no time limit!) You also benefit from unlimited digital photos, which you can retrieve after your event from your private online gallery. Very easy to share thanks to a link, your friends and guests will have all the time to download them. Also take advantage of the customization of your photo frames and send your photos by email!

A photobooth at that rate, that's something to hide, isn't it?

Well, no! No! At Burddy, we wanted to combine quality, simplicity and competitive prices. All our photo kiosks are equipped with an 18 megapixel SLR camera, a compact and ultra-fast printer and high quality photo paper. The aluminium terminal has been designed for easy use both indoors and outdoors: a simple 5-step assembly, a power cable and your terminal is ready for the event.

Everything is configured upstream and the custom frames you have created are automatically loaded. All you have to do is take a picture! The supplied flash also allows you to enhance your photos and improve the ambient brightness. Tonight, you’re the star! And in case of technical problems during your event, our support is available 7 days a week! Smile… we take care of everything 😊

Keep a souvenir of all your events!

So don’t wait any longer for your wedding to enjoy our photobooths! With our easy and accessible offer, and a customer service that takes care of you every step of the way, your events become unforgettable and fun. Feel free to ask for a quote on our website, it is of course free and without obligation!