Important information: Unfortunately, we no longer deliver in the Netherlands and new rentals are no longer possible. 
However, ongoing bookings will be fulfilled.

How is the delivery and returnof the photobooth handled?

What are our delivery zones?

We currently offer photobooth rental in different regions and around these cities: Rotterdam, Den Haag, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Nijmegen, Utrecht…

We take care of the delivery and return of your photobooth ourselves, so you will not have to return the box by a carrier. Choose the address of your choice when booking, as well as the return address. These can be different (place of the event, home, place of work…), the only condition being that they are served by our delivery people. Assembly and dismantling, which are very simple and quick, are not included in our offers.

Make sure your city is well served with our online tool.

The delivery schedule

One week before your event

One week before your event, you will receive an email confirming the day and time slot of our delivery man, at the address indicated (home, workplace, place of the event…).

On the day the photobooth is delivered

On the day of delivery (Thursdays and Fridays), you will receive a text message reminding you of the delivery person’s time slot.

During the entire rental period

You take advantage of your photo kiosk, you use your instant prints as you wish, and you keep all the photos in memory in the machine (including those taken once your prints are finished).

The day of the return of the photo booth

Our delivery man will pick up the photo kiosk at the chosen address (Mondays and Tuesdays). It can be the same address as for the delivery or a different address.

Change of address and change of delivery schedule

It is possible to change your delivery and return address up to 24h before your event. To do so, go to your customer area, where your past and future events are listed. By clicking on the icon in the “Actions” column, you will be able to change your address and validate it. If your event takes place in less than a week, contact us and we will see if it is possible to integrate this change in our tours.


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